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*Svafa stands slowly, and picks up her sword. Her suit of armor had for the most part protected her from the fall. Svafa did recieve a cut on the forehead from what happened. Blood ran down the side of her face. Reaching up she examines the cut briefly.

As she examined the cut pain shoots through her head has her fingers gently probed the wound. Takine a few deep breathes Svafa focuses her mind and the pain quickly susbides. She was lucky the cut was not serious, and the blood should substain shortly. Do a quickly assesment of her health, she found that things could have been worse. Other then the cut Svafa was sore from the force of the impact, twisted an ankle and had a headache.

Sheathing her sword she walks towards Guy and Misea, her pace is steady with no limp, even though with ever step pain shoot through her leg. Svafa much rather die, then have to face what may lie in front of her.*



Heimdall: Well little ones, I personally plan on killing anyone foolish enough to cross my path.

*A man walks in front of Heimdall. Heimdall causually draws his balserts and plants a blot in the man's head, killing the man instantly.*

Heimdall: See.

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