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Guy: Svafa? *He looks at his scanner for a moment, then studies her* You look injured...

Misae: Svafa? Do you know what's happening? Was this something else you didn't feel like mentioning?



Marin: Well that's not much fun. Too ordinary.

*Two other civilians see the man fall. One yells in shock, the other draws a blaster rifle*

Aidan: I disagree. What other good are these beings to us? *He raises his hand, and blue-white lines of energy leap off his fingers, incinerating the man's blaster rifle and completely removing his arm. Another burst of energy rips his neck apart, cutting off the man's dying scream. Aidan smiles as his companion runs*

Aidan: How interesting. I've never killed someone like that before. I must say I'm not disappointed.

Marin: But Aidan, if you kill all your toys, what will you have left to play with?

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