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Arrow KotOR and KotOR2 Savegame Editor (KSE) - Current Version: 3.3.3

KSE v3.3.4 (3.3.3) released 9/26/06 (

v3.3.4 (edit: temporarily disabled -- use 3.3.3 instead)
- Recompiled with newer version of TLK handler. Should prevent some unexpected "Memory could not be 'read'" errors.

- No longer requires the following files: chitin.key, 2da.bif, templates.bif, or global.jrl

- Fixed a very long standing bug that prevented some Global Numerics from displaying
- Quests node starts in collapsed position
- .sig file creation is now dependent on the pre-existence of a .sig file in the savegame folder (see readme)

- Added ability to edit Current Party
- Fixed bug where not all current Quests were showing up in blue in Quest List
- Fixed bug where customized global.jrl files with localized strings were not being displayed properly

- Added ability to edit your Quest progressions (Journal Entries)

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