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Visona opened the door to the room, and Jamis entered. There, sitting in one of the two rather uncomfortable and not well-made chairs that was provided along with the room, was Sukara.

Jamis settled himself down in the other uncomfortable chair, across the faux-wood table from the other man.

"I'm here to make sure you've not been working on Visona, tricking her, etc.," he said at first. "And I must say it's much nicer meeting you this time than last time."

The Ex-Sith seemed genuine enough, not opening up much, but that was to be expected, given his Sith training. On the other hand, the fact that he had opened up a little, even in the short time he'd had with Visona was a good sign.

"Tell me, Sukara... I'm interested- Why are you not with the Sith? Why are you keeping company with a Jedi, and from what I've heard from her, trying to experience a semi-normal life?"

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