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Sukara looked up at Visona. "I see you've been giveing him the extended Low-down..." Turning back to Jamis. "Well, the Sith, for one thing, have tried to kill both of us. On Lok they attacked us, and among them was one of the Jedi that I had sent to capture Rick Ulo and Brittany." Pauseing for a moment, he continues. "I think there is a new Sith Lord, and he wants me dead. I do not know who it is, or even how he got the tital, but if there is no sucsessor, the Sith generally flee back to there side of the galaxy and hide."

"Why am I keeping company with a Jedi? Why are you keeping company with TWO Jedi, Jamis?" He said, smileing slightly. "Same for the third question. Don't you want to try and have a normal life? I would have thought that one would be abvious."
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