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Sukara smiled at Jamis, and nodded. "Thank you, Jamis. That takes a heavy burdin off of us. Here, take this." Sukara walks over to him, pulling out his ex-double bladed lightsaber. Giveing Jamis the still working part of the hilt. "Don't worry, I've made a new one, I don't need it. But sinse you are the one who broke it, I want you to have it, as a symbol of respect, on my part."

Sukara walked back twords Visona and thought for a second, before speeking again. "We should probably not stay here to long, Visona, even if the Jedi are not chaseing us, that won't stop the Sith."

Turning back to Jamis, and sitting down in the chair infront of him again. "Speaking of the Sith, I would watch out when you're leaveing this planet...they might have a capital ship waiting for you."
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