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"Thanks for the tip," said Jamis, still holding the lightsaber that Sukara had given him. "Be careful yourself. The Sith probably won't mind a small-to-medium sized traitor like me, but an ex-Sith Lord would be high on their list of priorities."

He got up, and left the room, and started towards Brittany's room, where he sensed the two Jedi were.

Inside, Rick was still worriedly hovering over Brittany, who was still out cold.

"She'll be okay," said Jamis, taking in the two Jedi. "However, it's likely that you might want to leave the planet soon." he clipped the lightsaber that Sukara had given him onto his belt.

"I have met with Sukara, and believe he is genuine. He and Visona are probably leaving the hotel as we speak. You might want to be careful getting off-planet, as the Sith may be hovering around, ready to get Sukara."

Rick looked up. "We might want to be careful?" He looked a bit suspicious. "Aren't you coming with us?"

Jamis looked at the floor. "No. Not yet. The day may come when I go to the Jedi Temple, and join the Jedi order, but today is not that day. I'm going to stick around here for a while, I think." he looked down at his waist, at the two lightsabers clipped to his belt.

"I'm going to wander."

Quoth the Raven; "Nevermore, nevermore."
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