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It's true all the calculators I've seen for JA are just the JK2 one's (example they don't mention Melee or the Concussion Rifle).

However I just assumed they were the same (I honestly haven't tried disabling specific weapons to see if they really work as well in JA).

In JA you don't have a Stun baton (not without cheats anyway or some mod that would enable it), but Melee instead. I figure just substitute one for the other in your settings.

The Concussion Rifle is another story since it's a brand new weapon with no equivalent in JK2.

Then again the Conc is a very rare gun, featured in only 1 of the base JA maps (though the merc heavy weapons has it on Siege Desert). Of the 6 JA Bonus Pack maps 3 of them feature the game (and one of those has two gun pickups). So for the most part it's probably not a gun that most people care about disabling individually.

Still, it would be nice to know the exact numbers for completeness sake.

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