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As Jamis walked Rick and the Drowsy Brittany out of the hotel, they hear the buzzing sound of rapidly approaching swoop bikes. The Speederbike Swoops quickly zoom, twords them, Rick pushes Brittany out of the way, rolling out of there path himself, Jamis doing the same, the bikes quickly spin, fireing there explosive lasers at the group, fireing at the ground near them, rather than at them, to avoid there deflection.

"Death to Sukara, death to all traitors, death to all Jedi!!" One of the Swoop riders, clearly a Sith screamed, as he and his three other compantions rushed twords them again. Fireing there lasers at the ground directly infront of Jamis, so he couldn't block them, the lasers explodeing againts the ground, sending Jamis flying back and into a wall.

Another fires at the wall behind Rick, couseing him to fall on his face, quickly fireing directly at him while he is on the ground, hopeing for a kill, but Rick skillfully leaps out of the way. Another swoop fires at the ground on Brittanys side, couseing her to stumble slightly. The swoop rider speeds up, and atempts to impale her on his bikes forward blades, but she quickly leaps over him.

"You can't win, Jedi!!" Another Sith screamed.
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