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Jamis stood back up, reached across with his right hand, to the left side of his belt, and pulled out the lightsaber Sukara had given him. He threw it, not having the telekenises to guide it, but it was an accurate throw anyway. A swoop bike fell apart, and the rider jumped off.

Jamis ran up and it was a race to see who would get their lightsaber out first. Jamis reached down, not even bothering to unhook the lightsaber, and just swung it from his hip while igniting it. It cut through the Sith's leg. That man, still struggling to get his lightsaber off his belt screamed and collapsed.

Jamis reached down, grabbing Sukara's lightsaber and throwing it at another swoop. The rider, seeing what had happened to his companion, darted away. Jamis grabbed the Sith's lightsaber and threw it at the other swoop. That man also darted away.

A Sith leaped down from a nearby roof, landing with his saber on. The man was tall, and powerfully built. He flashed an evil smile at Jamis. Red blade crashed against red blade as the swoops returned.

Jamis jumped back and sucked his gut in as far as it would go, and the Sith's lightsaber barely missed him. He stepped forward and parformed a backhand slash, taking the Sith's right hand off. His opponent, though, took that in stride, and threw his left hand back, still holding the lightsaber. He picked off a stab by Jamis and twirled it around, expertly, with one hand.

A moment later, the man's boot was in Jamis' face, and he stumbled back. The man strode forward, towards him, and Jamis began to stand up. Then, he felt something hard beneath him. He rolled backwards to get up, grabbing hold of the lightsaber he had thrown earlier.

The sith was close when Jamis stood up. He brought his lightsaber in a series of quick darting movements. Jamis swept it aside, then stepped forward and ignited the other blade right into the man.

The Sith fell down, and Jamis checked which saber it was he was holding in his left hand. Sukara's. He grinned. having a second saber was useful. He looked around. Brittany, still tired, had just brought one of the Sith Swoops down. Rick had already brought the second down, and was battling that Sith.

Rick was pushing the man back, battling him hard, but coldly, without losing control of his emotions. Jamis nodded. That was the thing about Jedi, they kept their head in a fight. Usually. He watched as the Sith Brittany had just unseated started striking at her with powerful blows, and started running that way.

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