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As Jamis ran twords her however, he forgot about the forth Sith Swoop rider, who had circled around a building when he tried to throw his saber at him, quickly rideing out from behind the building while Jamises back was turned, heading straight twords him, as he was almost on Jamis, he quickly turned to see the Swoop, twisting rapidly twords the right, he narrowly evaded the blades of the bike.

But the Sith had extended his hand and bald it into a fist, his knuckles colideing with Jamises face in a loud crack, the punch powered by the speed of the swoops engine. Jamis backflips onto his face, as the swoop quickly turns to finish him off.

"I've got you now, traitor!" The Sith mockingly said, a smirk on his face, as he quickly zooms twords him. As he approaches however, a figure leaps from a building at the mans side, slamming into him and knocking him off his bike. Quickly rolling to his feet, he ignights his new green double bladed lightsaber, revealing himself to be Sukara.

The Sith roars angrily, rushing twords Sukara, ignighting his lightsaber, the red and green blades locking, but the Sith soon finds out that he is over matched, as Sukara gives him a swift kick to the head, throwing him off balence, before he kneels, spinning around, and cutting the stumbleing Sith in half at the waist. Turning back to Jamis.

"Are you alright, Jamis?"
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