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Sukara looked at Brittany, seeing as she was in trouble. Turning back to Jamis he nodded and begain to run twords her, before looking back, and grining. "Leag ig up to me." He said, snickering slightly before continueing.

Sukara yelled at the Sith to get away from Brittany, motioning a challenge to him. The Sith pushed Brittany back and looked at Sukara. "Ah, so the ex-Sith Lord thinks he can still stand toe to toe with me? Even when surounded by the weakness of the light!" The Sith screamed, running twords him, his crimson blade glowing as it slams againts Sukara's. "I sugest that you stop this right now." Sukara said calmly, blocking his blows as the Sith swung him. Growing more angry with each blow, he begain to lose control of himself, simply swinging blindly in rage, finally, Sukara had enough, chopping the Sith's arm off when he made a miscalculation, and impaleing him on his saber.

"I think that should be it for them." Sukara stated, turning to see that Rick had just killed the Dark Jedi that he was fighting. "This is bad. That band was much more organised than the one that attacked me and Visona on Lok. Now I know there must be a new Sith Lord."

Sukara thought for a second. "Its impossible they could be so well organised without somebody leading them. But who could take up the mantle? Its not safe to be on this planet, and its not safe to leave it, eather. A Sith Fleet is most likely in orbit, hideing, and waiting for us to try and escape. And they'll send more down here, and more, till we're eather captured or defeated. I'm not sure what we can do..."

Sukara let out a long sigh and looked up into the sky, pondering who this new enemy could be.
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