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(I'll hold you to that promise Uber_Saber )

She paced around the Lord Chamber, her glee radiating throughout the room making her attendants a lot more at ease. Oh her plan was going wonderfully, she thought as she stopped before a mirror. An alluring woman stared back at her, with an almost too beautiful face and perfect body. Her ruby red lips split into a charming crooked grin as she glazed at her reflection, admiring her long dark mane of silky hair.

Oh yes she wasn’t flawed and she made sure neither were her plans. When Sukara so eagerly seized the title of Dark Lord, she waited patiently bidding her time until he made the mistake she was so certain he would. She had congratulated herself on discreetly alerting the republic of his presence at Tatooine, successfully removing the thorn in her side and clearing her way to seize the throne. Or so she had mistakenly believed.

Her dark eyes narrowed, how she hated being wrong… Learning of that silly Jedi’s healing of Sukara, she had sworn she would undo that mistake. And so she was at work now, her plan working marvelously. She would make sure that stupid girl became dear Sukara’s downfall; she would work the weakling into her twisted little scheme.

She gazed at her perfectly manicured nails, flicking away an invisible speck of dirt. Dealing with that traitor though was just one of her goals, she was efficiently organizing the scattered Sith, and recruiting even more to her cause. How the republic would be startled when her Sith Armada conquered their precious galaxy, ruling it at her will. Yes, she liked the sound of Emperor Armala, everywhere people would know and fear the name of Doyen Armala, she would make sure of it.

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