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(( You've defenatly made a good villan there. The best kind, one that you can love to hate, hehe. Congrats! ))

Sukara raised his hand infront of Jamises face. "Here, let me try one of my new skills." As the force slowly moved thru Sukara's hand, and into Jamises broken nose, it straightened, the bones mending, and become right, as they should be. "Not bad for my first live try!" Sukara said happily.

Thinking about what Jamis said, he agreed. "Would you like to come with me and Visona? Atleast untill you decide on if you want to go back the order or not. Theres safety in numbers, and I doubt the Sith will be after your friends if I'm away from them."

Sukara once again gazed into the sky of Coronet. "We have a new enemy to deal with, and I know not who it could be..."
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