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Sukara nods slowly and sighs, wanting to make sinse of the whole thing. "I just can't think of who - Nah, no way could it be her. Could it? I guess, she was a master of force attacks, as I was of the lightsaber."

Sukara was lost deep in thought, but his concentration was quickly broken by a voice. "Who are you talking about?" Asked Rick.

"Well...there was another student, Doyen Armala. She, like me, disliked Zera, and resented him for chooseing Hadeous over her. Honestly though, I can understand why Zera would, Doyen...Doyen was very very hung up on herself, to say the least. Though she was strong in the force, she often neglected the dutys asaigned to her by her supieriors, in favor of makeing sure that her hair was properly done, or that she was always dressed perfectly..." Sukara stopped, catching his breath.

"Well, I had not heared from her in a long time, I thought she must have been killed by the time I saw Zera himself struck down. I couldn't have guessed she was waiting to take the mantle of Sith Lord from me. She can have it though. I don't want it. But she is dangerous, and though its not my responcability, I sujest you and your Republic look into it."

Seeing the Republic troops nearing, he turned to Jamis. "I told Visona to wait by our Star Fighter, are you comeing with me? Or do you want to remain with them?"
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