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i have a question...

couldn't someone just ban meksilon's ip so that he can't keep coming back?

i hate these attention whores that just make one post. someone that hasn't been around in a long time and decides to stop by and make something out of nothing...literally nothing.

like that one guy...what was his name...he stopped by and said he was killing himself and wrote this whole thing and said "r.i.p. 1983-2003" or something like that. wasn't that coj or something?

He does look like jesus though, he has the same hooded eyes, girlman hair, and beard. He could practically BE jesus. Mexilon, are you jesus?

Man. I think jesus was actually a GIRL who pretended to be a guy so she had equal rights.
and if meksilon was jesus...since he claims he was talking to jesus, wouldn't that mean that when he was talking to jesus, he was talking to himself? i hate it when people do that...
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