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(Nice post, Sulah. *Goes to bite, but then remembers his promise* Grumblegrumblemutter.)

Jamis, having been in a class behind Suakara's, had heard of such emminent Sith as Sukara and Hadeous, but had not known all the Sith. He drew a blank on the name of Doyan Armala.

He rubbed his nose. "Thags," he said, out of pure habit, and then corrected himself. "Thanks."

"I think that yes, I will go with you, at least for a while," he continued, talking quietly to Sukara. He looked at Rick and Brittany, the two Jedi with whom he'd been so closely involved recently.

"I have troubles with drawn-out goodbyes," he said. "I think we will probably meet again." He saluted the two Jedi, picked up his lightsabers, and bowed to them.

Quoth the Raven; "Nevermore, nevermore."
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