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Sukara smiled and nodded at Jamis, waveing to Rick and Brittany. "Lets go then, Jamis, before thoughs troops spot me!" Sukara said, quickly makeing his way to his ship, Jamis close behind.

They arive shortly. "Hey Visona, is it ready to lift off?" Sukara asked. "Yes, but what took you so long, Sukara?" Visona asked him, not sure why he took over 10 minutes to get there. "Oh...we had another run in with the Sith. Jamis will be going with us, though. So skoot your rather large toosh over!" Sukara said, grinning widely.

(( Oh and don't worry Rick, I don't feel that Sulah's character is the...type to become a lightside Jedi. She's bad thru and thru, right Sulah? ))
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