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For those who are wondering, Manny was referring to the new news at For those to lazy to click the link, set eyes to read on:

A couple quick updates for the curious. Many people recently have been wondering how to get a hold of Sam & Max comics. Its become especially difficult ever since the Surfin' the Highway compilation book was discontinued a few years back. Reader Tom Lau wrote in to say he asked Steve Purcell if and when a new comic collection would be made available, and here's his answer:

That's probably the most asked question I've heard in the past few months. Yeah, that collection will come out again, [...] just have to pin down the gruesome details.

We'll have more news on a reprint of Surfin the Highway (or a new different-named collection) if and when any more news presents itself.
For those like myself, his is very good news indeed. I never had the opportunity to buy the comics and I would really like to get my hands on a copy.
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