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(Yup! is it that obvious? I kind of have the end all pictured out...

Sukara manages to defeat Doyen Armala in their last duel. She falls to her knees and makes a whole long speech before finally dying, while Sukara listens to her babble patiently.... something like Revan and Malak in Knights of the Old Republic.

And imagine if I could somehow convince Visona to join the Dark Side, Oh the possibilities! Too bad she doesn't have battle meditation though... )

"My Lord Armala", a Sith Officer hesitantly approached. She waited, reveling in the building apprehension around the officer, before slowly turning to face him.

The sith officer kneeled at her feet, awaiting permission to stand and relay his message. She didn't grant permission, she loved seeing them groveling at her feet in fear.

"What knews do you bring?" she demanded in a silky sweet voice, somehow managing to instill even more fear in the covering officer.

"The strike team has failed, my Lord. They were unable to kill Sukara and his weak companions. The fought bravely in your name, my Lord, and willingly gave their lives to fulfill their mission than return to you in defeat." the officer reported failing to keep the tremor out of his voice, no doubt fearing her displeasure.

Much to his surprise, Armala was not displeased quite the contrary. "Very well, everything is going as planned than. Leave me now."

Eyes downcast, the officer stood and bowed before backing out of her chamber.

She turned to regard the beautiful serene view outside, "Oh the surprises I have in store for you, dearest Sukara."

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