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(( Hey, I was thinking of maybe a little later, makeing a spin-off thread of TINP. Basicly, after Doyen has built up some of her fleet, her and the Republic go to war. In my thread I was thinking that we and anybody else who wants to join could make new characters. Basicly, the idea behind it was that you would be part of Admiral Katach's fleet, who is the primary Republic taskforce againts the Sith.

You CAN be a Jedi, but I would strongly sujest you make a commando-type character thats part of the Republic. As my character would be the captain of a team of crack Republic commanders directly under Katatch's command. I also decided to put something special and unique.

You can have a 'Primary character.'One that you will be useing the most, and centering most of your posts around. And a 'secondary' character. One who you use, and control, just like you normally would, but less than your primary. I was thinking, maybe the Ninir could control Admiral Katach, but still be a part of the commando team or whatever, this way. And we could all have other characters to play with. Sometimes I suppose, our TINP characters can make cameo's, but I would like to try and keep them from playing to large of a role.

The story is basicly a side story. While Rick, Brittany, Jamis, Sukara, and Visona are fighting againts the Dark Jedi elite, and Doyan's finest, these guys are doing the military war effort type of things, fighting the Sith fleet, fighting the ground wars, going on covert missions for the Republic to investigate Sith activaty. You know, that sort of stuff. Well, what do you all think? Does that sound fun to you? ))
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