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Yavin Final Conflict

This level's an awkward one if you're not sure what do to. To begin with, there's a fake wall in the hallway after the room with the falling rubble. Just run through it. Then you'll encounter a row of flame throwers embedded in alcoves down the next hall. (I'd advise you to save). Use Force Speed, and watch your timing, or Kyle'll be a toasted Jedi. Next is a three-way junction. On your right is a short hallway with a fake wall leading to an endless drop and instant death. In front of you is a halway leading to a mirror, where Desann will taunt you. On your left is a hallway with a row of fire blocking your way at the bottom. DON'T try to go through. There's a leaking pipe in the ceiling at the top of the hall. Saber throw it. The water will run down and put out the fire. Drop down the hole and force push all the symbols you see around you. Now look around carefully; This little area sort of goes around in a circle, and embedded in one of the centre walls, low down, is a push symbol. Push, and run around until you come across a newly-opened hallway. SAVE. This hall's lined with crushers, and you need to use Force Speed to time it right. Get through, and SAVE before you go around the next corner. 'Cause that's when you'll meet Desann.
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