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Originally posted by RayJones
hey roy.. what is about that story with you, carl and the pool?

Well, I have this theory that it's the way Carl Shutt looks that lead him to be shunned by society, and his subsequent unpopularity with people in face to face situations forced him underground into his life as a "internet forum rebel without a cause".

I just want to give him a big hug and tell him that we're all vunerable, and that we'd all love him for the person he really is, despite his ugly mug! I too have three ears and a ginger goatee, and have problems going to the local shops without having the crap kicked out of me by 'normal''s just life. I'm asking him to strip off his bonding chains and roam free with Roy Tordes in a life frolicking in fields and basking in the sunshine.

.....and that was just Shutt I was talking about......think how much love and understanding I'd give Meksilon/Mexilon.............!

Peace and love to the misguided people of the world!

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