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((Fused Irvine in a nutshell:

he is composed of two versions of WH Irvine (whom is a clone of Irvine, Cracken's son (on special request in making an interesting story, gone almost nowhere with Crackles gone)

One version is apart of this timeline, the other is from a timeline currently in process in PTH (an rpg that sprang up from Cantina 6) who ends up before the events of Cantina 7. The obviosuly older version (from PTH) becoems corrupted by an evil entity (someone else explain pls) and makes him 'fuse bodies' with his self. creating a more powerful being.

But the side effect is mental instabiltiy, he he.


Now I'm introing a new race into the Cantina, which for a while will keep quite isolating themselves for the most part. They come from a parrell universe by which they use portals generated by emencely consenrated gravity.

In a nut shell they're practially demons, but not so unlike the hellish type :P (i base a quite a bit from InuYasha)

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