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[Deac Starkiller: *His Autobiography summed up* Deac was a minor nobleman on a mid-rim world who joined the alliance during the galactic civil war. He was captured by his evil(ish) brother, Syrnl and taken to a facility, where amongst other experiments he was given force ability by having his genome altered to produce midi-chlorians. He escaped, and had a few adventures with extra-planar beings. He became a cyborg after surviving a cataclysmic explosion. He is currently hunting his long-lost daughter]


Deac: I...don't find her here. Check the ship manifests. Maybe she had one.


*F.Irvine recieves a call*

Lokpihet: Irvine, do come to the planet below. I've made a few changes to our organisation, and I've also found some things you may be interested in.

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