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((Welcome, wildjedi! ^_^ Anyone is welcome in the Cantina RPG...even though it doesn't really take place in a cantina anymore

Pretty much what Admiral said. Maybe I can clarify the galactic backstory (by no means everything that's happened, but everything the average galactic citizen might know about):

1. Insert Star Wars backstory here, including EU up to about the NJO (which hasn't happened yet/may never happen) but add the Starkillers (good) and the Darkstars (evil) to the roster of well-known galactic figures.

2. Cracken Palpatine emerges. Palpatine's son, as the next in the line of Sith Lords, gathers the Imperial Remnant and ressurrects one last superweapon of Palpatine's - a world-destroying battlemoon called the Crimson Star - and begins bringing the galaxy back under Imperial rule. Some planets return willingly. Others are crushed into submission.

3. Cracken reaches Coruscant. A huge battle seems in the offing, but forces gather and it never happens. For some unknown reason, Cracken has a change of heart, leaves Coruscant and destroys his battlemoon.

4. Cracken and the New Republic divide up the galaxy. Those who want the (now somewhat nicer) Imperial government go with Cracken. The other planets are either independent or under the New Republic.

5. The generals of the Imperial Remnant are very unhappy with this peace treaty. They form a council of their own and declare war on Cracken. The Imperials break into two, Cracken's loyalists and the Remnant's Separatists. After a brief civil war, Cracken crushes them.

6. Mysterious beings called vampires appear on Coruscant. After killing many of the planet's inhabitants, and using some unknown power to temporarily block out Coruscant's sunlight, they vanish without a trace.

7. While this is happening the more corrupt politicians of the New Republic government pull a coup. After the corrupt politicians attempt to destroy Coruscant, rather than deal with the vampires, the New Republic splits.

8. Now.

As for my 'Extradimensionals', they are hardly one faction, though all mine come from the same dimension; which is basically an alternate Earth, where a hidden magic world exists. There are the Blades, who are a small force trying to deal with extradimensional troublemakers in this dimension. There are the Shadows, who are a multidimensional criminal organization trying to extend its roots into this one. Then there are miscellaneous refugees, who've secretly come to this dimension from other worlds in hopes of a better life (usually.) The presence of all these groups is currently secret, except to those in high positions in certain galactic governments.

Hope that helps.

*Goes back to waiting for Rogue15 to reply*))

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