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Svafa: Yes, I know. *pulling a comlink* Idun are you there?

Idun: Yes, whats going on?

Svafa: Something happened to Heimdall, Marin, and Aidan. They've turned and are very dangerous. Do not let them in. In fact do not let anyone into the ship. Including me.

Idun: Alright. I'll speak with you later.


Idun: Asgardreid.

Asgardreid: Yes?

Idun: From this point on you will take orders only from me.

Asgardreid: Please give your clearance code.

Idun: Alpha Omega Delta 257986246.

Asgardreid: Acknowledge will now only obey councilwoman Idun's orders for the time being.

Idun: Seal the ship and do not allow access to anyone other then me. Didn't that extradimensional Rwos have a teleporter of some sort?

Asgardreid: Sealing and yes.

Idun: Could be that Guy may have one to. Seal the cargo bay from anyone and bring us into high orbit. If anyone should enter the cargo bay, open it up.

Asgardreid: Yes mam.
*Heimdall shakes his head as if to get rid of something.*

Heimdall: What did you say Marin? Oh the ship, problem with that. Svafa would have surely contacted Idun by now and would have sealed up the ship.

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