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((Okay, My turn.

The Flax Family:

Taklin Flax is the decendant of one of the great old houses. The family have a historical alliance with house Starkiller.

Taklin is mow middleaged, he joined the Rebellion at 16, where he met his wife, Sophae Windrider (no longer living), they had three children. The two sons, Halren and Kalren are both Jedi, as are their parents. The daughter Mirra is force blind.

The others basically covered the rest.))

((Scar: I thought we were goint to keep silly dimension hopping to a minimum?))

Hal: We are going to need to see the port controller. Drago, how loyal is the planet.

Drago: The locals want to be left alone, the port authoriety are loyal to your father.

Hal: Good, that makes things easier.

*10 minutes later.*

Clerk: Yes, I have the records. When did this Elella leave.

Drago: About five days ago.

Clerk: Okay, let me check................. Yes, only two ships have left within the last week. *Hits print.*

*Hands over hard copy.*

Clerk: Say.......... Colonel, we couldn't have an X-Wing Squad sent here could we? Things look like they're heating up and we're pretty close to the front.

Hal: If this pans out you can have a Fighter Wing. *To Deac.* Get a feeling from either of these names?


Sellena: Good, get going then, I'll have Dasken meet you in the hanger.

Jim, could I talk to you alone? *Gestures for the others to leave.*

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