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Marin: How unfortunate. You don't think you hit her hard enough?

Aidan: It doesn't matter. *He takes out a black device* Remember this?

Marin: Of course. That's the portal we used to get here. But it was disabled when we were captured months ago.

Aidan: Doesn't matter. I did a little tinkering. Guy happens to have portal devices on his ship. Meant for emergency escape, I suppose. I can use this to override any of them and open a gateway for us.

Marin: I didn't know you were mechanically inclined.

Aidan: I've always been fascinated by such things. I seem to recall it embarrassed me to let anyone know.

Marin: Well, the morphing cube is with Guy's ship in the cargo bay with most of our other things. If Heimdall is right however they may try to kill us if we go.

Aidan: It would have been more prudent to kill the others before leaving. Ah well.

Marin: No, it's better this way. We can have a bit of fun. Open the portal, Aidan.

*Marin crouches and begins to morph, turning blue and growing translucent blue fur*

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