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RH Irvine "Morons you say?" *being proficient at hiding his lack of breath from running.* "Only one of me and three of you, yep I guess that could qualify."

*Just inside an alleyway around the corner of a building, WH Irvine stood with his back agenst the wall, keeping him and Matt well out of sight.*

*RH Irvine stood there right in the middle of the street, looking stright into Heimdall's eyes, meaning to pierce right stright into him with his stare. Knowing the he can't use his saber.*

RH Irvine "All three of you are not in your right minds, please stop becuase any more you'd be harming yourselves even more when you get better. I am a Jedi I can sense it with in you all, something twisted and evil. Give up."
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