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*Aidan and Marin ignore the twins and their new companion*

Aidan: Problem, Marin. Guy's ship is in the cargo hold. Assuming she is in orbit, if I were Idun I would decompress it as soon as we entered.

Marin: <You think so? Oh well. Then only I shall go. This morph lives on electrical discharges, not oxygen. Decompression will not damage me. Open the gateway. If you can, do it on the outside of Guy's ship. I can pass through walls but I cannot carry the cube with me.> *to Heimdall* <Not to worry, this will be quick.>



Guy: And why is that?

Misae: Don't tell me, let me guess. All your 'gifts' have a self-destruct in them. Or even better - they're set up to kill the user?

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