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*Heimdall gives a short laugh and sees a glint of the mithril armor.*

Heimdall: You little wanna be unenlightend moronic Jedi. Wearing the armor I forged, probably thinking that could protect you from me. Think again padawan.

Algiz Mannaz Irvine Gebo Kenaz.

*The mithril armor that both Irvines are wearing suddenly begins to contract, then a searing light appears within the armor. A moment later the armor disolves into dust. The dust particles still illuminating fly from under the robes of the Irvines and into the sky creating a beautiful light display over the heads of the Irvines.*

Heimdall: Noticing where the second display is going on. So that is where your would be apprentice is hiddin. Is he frightened what I may do to the sons of the man responsible for my fathers death.

Svafa: Depends upon the gift, and who we gave it to. For Raschel, it will just turn off on command of any Aesir. Now if we gave something to...oh the Irvines. Giving their habits and such we may well give them a gift that could kill them or maim them. Understand we dont' trust any of you.

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