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"He's certainly got a knack for pretty spots. Get him to let you choose the next visit on your vacation." He frowned a bit, noticing the Twi'lek eyeing Visona.

He grinned. "Can't say I dislike the idea of food, though." He looked around. This involved looking completely around himself, up, and down. "I'm not sure where to find a good place to eat, but I'm sure we'll manage."

They found a small place that was alledgedly a multi-cuisine restaraunt, and Jamis managed to find something that looked and sounded vaguely familiar on the menu. (It was, in fact, an old Correlian dish)

When it came out, it was a little bit better than edible, and Jamis declared the incident a success. Then he looked at the entrance to the restaraunt.

"Your admirer is outside, trying to look like he's not," he told Visona. "And failing abjectly, I might add." She instinctively began to turn. "Don't." he said. "Let's just carry on with the plan, and look for a good time to either leave him behind or to confront him. I'd prefer to leave him behind. As Sukara said, we don't want to offend anybody this guy might be working for."

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