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Sukara walked into a strange home, a man was sitting at the center, meditateing quitely. "I'm glad you have come, Sukara. It has been quite a long time." The man spoke in a calm, and soothing voice.

Sukara smiled, and nodded at him. "Its good to see you again...Master." Sukara walked over to him sat down on the floor. "How are you feeling?"

Master Dun'regi looked up at his old Padawan, smileing slightly. "I am doing okay, young one. Though I suppose you are all grown up now, arn't you? I knew the rumors about you couldn't be true..."

Sukara frowned slightly and lowered his head. "They are true, master. I joined the Sith, and killed many Jedi. I even took up the mantle of the Dark Lord..." Sukara said, a sadness in his voice.

Dun'regi put his hand on his ex-students shoulder. "I do not sense the Dark Side in your now, Sukara. So you must have turned your back on the dark." He said to him, softly.

Sukara looked up at him. "Yes, I have, master...but I still have done much, much that cannot be forgiven." "All can be forgiven, my Padawan. But you must first forgive yourself. The Jedi would not bare a grudge againts you. It is only you that would do so."

Sukara smiled slightly, and nodded. "I know, and perhaps one day, I may be able to forgive myself. I'm sorry for all the grief that I must have coused you..."

His master wrapped his arms around him and hugged his old student warmly. "There there. It is alright. You came back, and that is what matters now..."
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