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Svafa: That is a risk we are prepared to take, but I agree we need to hurry. Heimdall is very dangerous in this state and I don't know the full abilities of the other two yet.



Asgardreid: Anomly detected, it's gone. Scanning.



Heimdall: You are no Jedi. A true Jedi even if just a padawan would gladly give their lives to protect innocents. You are pathetic.

*With trained reflexs Heimdall drops to the ground and aims a blast of the previous spell at the crowd. When the wave hits people they begin to liquify. First their skin boils then bursts exposing internal organs which also become liquid. The process is quick but slow enough for the victims to let out screams of horror and pain. Especially since the spell was aimed at their lower torso. Giving them a little while before they died. The rest of the crowd runs off in horror*

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