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Originally posted by ET Warrior
I dont know, I mean, typically pets live a lot longer than their free and wild counterparts, and for the most part they are better taken care of and lead a happier life.
when he said dogs in the city he meant apartments. That's all there is in the city, apartments. houses are in the suburbs.
Dogs should not be confined to small quarters even if they are a small dog. They need to roam around and excercize regularly, also exposing them to different enviroments is good for mental developement. Denying them such, is mental abuse.

Glass fish tanks louden sounds so even a whisper near the fish tank is like a yell to a fish, just barely brushing against it is like fingernails on a chalkboard to a fish. this can cause unneeded stress on the fish, which can create severe lack of immune function.
I'm not exactly sure how but It's in my fish care book

Always you non echoing material for a fishtank, zoo's use glass but they use specially made "quiet" glass that pretty much deadens all sound except the extremes such as hard banging, yelling, etc.

Birds need lots of space, if they don't get much time to fly, excercise they can become weak and unwilling to do much, once again this adds unneeded stress.

If you plan on getting an animal and don't live in an apartment, make sure you have time in your life to take the animal out (unless it's fish ) let them explore and grow.

sad thing is animal cruelty cases are on the rise yet again, especially in the south and major cities in the north. Until we get stricter consequences on these crimes, I'm not sure it will ever slow down much less stop.

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