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Originally posted by ET Warrior
I dont know, I mean, typically pets live a lot longer than their free and wild counterparts, and for the most part they are better taken care of and lead a happier life.
it's not about how long they may live.
it is HOW they live.

fishes are fed wrong, birds have not enough "freedom" to fly, imagine you are a dog running around in a heatened flat the whole day and ONCE a day you get out for 15 min to do what you normally could do whenever it is necessary. and outside it's cold, lets say from 24C in the flat to 0C outside, but you wont get anything like clothes, your "master" is shouting at you just because you behave doggish like sniffing on things, but HE is freezing. to accomplish this, your nose is exactly at the height of the cars exhausts. and then your "master" goes shopping and YOU have to stay outside. he ties you to a tree or whatever and says something like "sit". then he leave for at least 30 minutes.

what a (long) life.


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