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Name: Kayne Blackmane
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Profession: Explorer/Adventurer/Artchitect

“Heart of Gold, With a Head of Iron”
This term aptly describes the Naboo-ian born Tsagli Villager. Kayne grew up in a small settlement called Tsagli Village, just south of Keren. You won’t find the Village there anymore, for not long after Kayne undertook adventuring with his companions about the galaxy, a secret coalition of Borvos and Maulers attacked his home village, killing those who resisted and enslaving those that did not… to include Kayne’s parents.

Kayne’s compassion and loyalty to those he calls friends is beyond reproach. His wrath and tenacity against those who are his enemies is absolute… and final.

Just ask the Borvos and Maulers.

Place of birth: Naboo
Current Residence: Tergill, Naboo
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