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Cloning, is it right or wrong?

Alright i'm studying cloning and stem cell research in my biology class, and the debate is wether it is right to clone. Either human,animal,or plant.
First of all i believe human cloning is absolutely wrong. What good can come from cloning my best friend. Even if he were to die and i cloned him, we wouldn't have the same memories together, he might not even act the same way. What i'm tryingto say is that if i were to clone someone because they were gonna die, that clone would be a seperate person, not the same person who was cloned. Plus to be able to clone a human there would deffinately be some kind of mistake here and there. Like with the sheep in the UK, they tried hundreds upon hundreds of times to clone it. Most of them just died, but some lived but eventually found to have diseases months perhaps years after their "birth". So the same thing would happen to humans, many would not even survive the process and others would die of disease.

I''m not so sure about animal cloning. I don't like them being treated like they are, but i don't see too much of a benefit for them to be cloned either? perhaps food?

Plants on the other hand could be cloned for food. If it's true what they say(that the earth will run out of food for everyone by 2050) then we would have to clone our plants for food. But would these plants have some sort of defect that could kill humans?

What do you think?

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