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*Deac checks them and points*

Deac: That one... the Cali must be that one.


*Flashback. Deac and Elella's mother sit in a restaurant. Deac places a ring on a table, with a Cali Gem set into the centre. The ring is then pushed back toward him and she leaves.*


Facility World

*Below the excavation is the final layer of the facility. Malice greets F.Irvine at the entrance*

Malice: This way.

*She takes him through the facilty into a tech lab. A few techs monitor computers at the sides. In the wall, a large blue tube is inset. A humanoid form, covered in wires, can be seen inside, glowing with light*

Lokpihet: You have arrived Irvine. Allow me to explain what it is you are looking at.
Deac Starkiller has constantly beaten me. It is not through his force skill, it's those damned augmentations. Ever since he got them he's been winning victories.
Do you remember the conspiracy? Of the cyborg soldiers that Deac would have been a prototype for? Well, it seems Tafon Norl had a plan in case of it going wrong. It was a more poweful version designed to destroy the augmented soliders should things go wrong. He was in the process of installing it when Starkiller killed him. Now, I have had the completed version installed. When I exit the chamber I will be a god among insects.

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