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"Good choice," said Jamis, nodding. "Visona, maybe if you keep in contact with your master at the Temple, I can find her and meet up with you two that way." He climbed aboard his fighter and turned around to face them. "Until we meet again." He waved, and then dissapeared into his fighter.

The sound of engines powering up came soon, and the fighter slowly rose off the platform.

Inside the fighter, Jamis set course for a little-known planet on the Outer Rim, where he'd grown up. "Bakura, next stop." he said, and his leaned back in the seat of the fighter.

"I'm going to replace this seat when I get there," he said to himself. Why am I talking to myself? he asked, inwardly.

(I'm not planning for this to take place at the same time as Republic Soldiers. I'm planning for his tip-off to be what sends the commandos there in the first place.)

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