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Well first, me being a christian, i believe that the Bible is true and that every word is the truth.
well before he created light wouldn't there have been dark, thus in creating light it was already divided?
You see light and darkness weren't already divided because God had not divided it yet. It is hard to comprehend that light wasn't divided from darkness because it has always been that way, to us. So we think it is impossible for light to not be seperate from darkness. Yet it wasn't seperate till God had made it so.
didn't he already create man and woman earlier? perhaps I'm reading it wrong.
The second chapter of Genesis is not what had taken place after the first chapter.It is just more explanation of what happened on the sixth day. That God had created man and woman and how. So it's not in chronological order. get it?
instead of making her from part of man, couldn't he just as easily use the same process he used to create man, but switch out the organs?
Yes God could have done that, He couldv'e even said "make man" and it would have been so. God does things to see our connection to Him and all His greatness. For the exact reason why God pulled Adams rib out to make Eve, i do not know. But i have a few thoughts about why God did that. If you want me to explain them i will.
I'm just really skeptical about the bible.
In Christianity one of the biggest things is faith. Faith that God's word(the Bible) is the truth. And that God seperated light from the darkness it's all faith.

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