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((um? Dunno what you meant, Scar, but this Forgotten-verse I know nothing about does not have anything to do with my universe(s) ;p))

Outer Rim Planet

Farran: *Waiting for Kioet's answer, hears the connection begin to break up* Kioet, she just wants you to get over here. Here's the coordinates - *he rattles off the coordinates* Get here as soon as possible. *The connection breaks off*

Artemis: This planet has some unusual energy fields in its atmosphere. Bad for comm usage...

Aren: ...Good for us. Now, shall we return to business?

Farran: Yes, shall we? I'd like to get this over with. What do you want us to do?

Aren: Simple. The Blades have just recently decided to step up activity in this universe. They want to take decisive action. They're sending an official "detachment" to this universe. Guess what's at the top of their agenda?

*She stares at Farran* That's right. They're after you, Ariel Kasen. And us, of course. All of the "dangerous rogues" who've "invaded" this dimension... So you see, Farran? We're on the same side, after all.

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