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name: Yulan Hun
age: 18
race: human
gender: male
hilt: redeemer
redeemer info:
it is easy for one to grip the hilt of the redeemer in the middle but towards the ends it gets really wide. its metal is shiny and it has one side, the other is used for storage of small items. it produces a rather wide blade, and the blade can also become very short (as short as the hilt)
(its very big)

lightsaber style: double, all others
lightsaber color: one blue one very dark purple, an intimidating sight
birthplace: corusaunt
force abilitys:
core powers: 1
heal: 1
swift allows yulan to speed up during lightsaber battles, giving him an incredible advantage. at his level his speed is limited but still very dangerous
bio: yulan was brought to an acadamy at the age of .three and when his training began it was noted that he had dificulties using the force but was very skilled with a lightsaber. at the age of 14 he had been asked to become the aprentice of Rick Ulo a jedi master. they have been together for seven years now and are the best of friends.

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