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Marin: Now we need an animal. A docile one, preferably. And small. And alive, of course. *She looks at Aidan*

Aidan: I can find one. *He sniffs the air* I'll be right back. *He turns and vanishes into the forest. After a few minutes, he returns holding a small weasel-like creature wriggling in his hand*

Aidan: What about this?

Marin: Hm. Hopefully we can find some more interesting creatures while we're here. But that should do for now. This is only a demonstration.

*She takes the weasel and closes her eyes. The weasel goes slightly limp. After a moment she hands the creature to Aidan*

Marin: One moment.

*She begins to shrink and grow fur. Her bones crack as they shift around and change. Within half a minute she is an exact copy of the weasel, sitting on the ground*

Marin: <Good, it's of a tame mind. Now for you, Aidan - close your eyes and concentrate on the image of the weasel. You'll probably feel tingling. It takes only a few seconds, and you'll sense when you're done. You're acquiring the creature's DNA, it's essence. You have to do this to be able to morph anything.>

*Aidan does what she instructs*

Marin: <Now give Heimdall the weasel. Heimdall, do the same.>

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