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Marin: There are restrictions, yes. I may have mentioned before that if you stay in another creature's body for much longer than about two hours, you won't be able to return to your original body. You must be careful about cutting it close, too. I did that once, and demorphing was like wading through quicksand.

*She looks down at the creature. After a few seconds it picks itself up, shakes itself off, and then as if with a sudden awareness of the three predators surrounding it, darts off into the forest*

Marin: When you acquire something, it goes into a trance for a few seconds. *She pauses and looks around* I think that's all you need to know. Aidan - you morph first. Heimdall, don't do anything yet. I don't want to have to capture both of you by myself if you decide you want to be weasels.

Aidan: Well, what should I do?

Marin: As Heimdall said, picture the creature in your mind. You need to concentrate on it, to want to change into it.

Aidan: I'm not sure this is necessary. What is the point of becoming a weasel? Aren't there more interesting things we could be doing, or becoming?

Marin: That will come later. You need to understand how this works first. A small mind like this creature's can be more easily controlled.

Aidan: Fine. Give me a moment, then.

*Aidan backs up a little and shuts his eyes. He forms a mental picture of the weasel. Though it took some effort to want to become such a ridiculous creature as a weasel in his newly superior state, he manages to accept the idea. He concentrates on the image of the weasel in his head.

But nothing happens.

He opens his eyes*

Aidan: Marin, I believe you're wrong. I feel nothing. Perhaps if we found a superior creature... *He shrugs. His hand itched. He scratched it*

Marin: Look at your hands, Aidan.

*Aidan looks. His eyes widen. His hands are covered in short brown fur. He jumps backwards, startled*

Marin: Now you've stopped the morph. You have to keep concentrating.

Aidan: *uncomfortably* Fine, fine. *He closes his eyes again. After a moment the fur starts growing again. He could feel his bones beginning to shift around, and he felt queasy. He couldn't turn back now, though, he thought. He kept concentrating on the animal image. He could feel his vital organs rearranging, and his tail shrinking. His knees reverse and he falls forward. He opens as his hands hit the floor and sees that they've become paws. He looked like a strange, twisted combination of gargoyle and weasel.

Then his wings shrank to nothing, his claws turned stubby, and his arms became forelegs. His face elongated and became a snout, and his eyes shifted perspective.

He no longer felt awkward. He still felt superior, but he was a superior weasel. Probably the king of all weasels, in fact. He could smell small woodland creatures lurking about in the grass, and delighted to know they were all his prey.

He drew in his breath. Even though he had always been able to track things with his nose, he had never been prepared for this. All kinds of scents twisted through the air, inviting him to follow them. There was one particular scent...

Intruder! There was an intruder nearby! Another weasel! In his hunting territory! He had to chase it off!

Marin catches his tail as he darted off into the bushes*

Marin: Oh no you don't.

Aidan: <But...but...>

Marin: Get a grip on yourself, Aidan. The weasel's mind is there, and it's a part of yours now. But you can control it. And you will.

*Aidan wriggles and tries to tuck his head between his legs, as the original weasel had done*

Marin: Aidan, stop it. *She slaps his nose. After a moment or so he calms down* Can I put you down now?

*Aidan is silent for a few moments. He feels embarrased*

Focus, Aidan. Focus. You are superior.

*He manages to calm the weasel part of his mind*

Aidan: <Yes. I'm alright. You can put me down now.>

Marin: Alright. *She puts him down, and he begins to demorph. Marin looks at Heimdall* I think you're wearing a bit much to morph with. *She thinks a moment* Can you dissolve some of your armor like you dissolved Irvines, and perhaps reconstitute it later?

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