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Doyen Armala walked at leisure in her private garden. She bent to sniff a fragrant flower imported from Ithor. Sensing movement behind her, she turned to find her apprentice kneeling a foot away.

"Rise Shah'Raa, what brings you my loyal servant?"

"Master I bring news of the traitor."

"Go on." Doyen commanded, braking a flower of its stem and crushing it in her fist.

"My Master, all is going as you suspected. The traitor visited his former Jedi Master and is now preparing to leave for Corusant. One of his weakling companions has left, it is believed he may possibly be heading for Bakura."

"See the glory of my power Shah'Raa? Sukara stands not a chance against me, I can read him like an open book. I'll show him what true power is. Are the preperations in Corusant done with?"

"Everything is as you wished, Master"

"Good. Dear Sukara won't know what hit him. He'll regret the day he dared claim the throne, before one such as I, and dishonored the Sith with his weakness. Oh how I'll make his life miserable, torturing him till he'll beg me for death. Lets see how long it takes me to turn his weak 'friend' against him, shall we, into the embrace of the Dark Side." Doyen said gleefully with a charming wicked smile.

"I'm not into working out. My philosophy [is]: No pain, no pain."
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