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[I dunno. Elella's got lost herself]

Elella: Heimdall? Svafa? Misae? Hal? Anybody?


*Orthos puts his hand on Gortick's shoulder.*

Orthos: You have a brother now. I can't make up for what Syrnl did but...

Gortick: Hold on. Did he mean this?

*Gortick holds his arms out. The earth shakes and several light objects spin around him. Orthos looks at him in shock, and realises something*

Orthos: Do you remember father?

Gortick: No?

Orthos: How about mother? Do you remember her?

Gortick: I...remember her smiling at me. I remember her living with me, here. She said dad wasn't... I don't know. She died when I was young...

Orthos: He told me that I shot her down!

Gortick: Come with me. Then I'll tell you everything I can...

*Gortick sets off. Orthos turns to the rest, and then follows*

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