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I don't know if its the old one's or the new ones, but they need to fire most of those ****ty writers. The episodes are devolving into celebrity infested shows dominated by lewd humor--its like Family Guy now, except it isn't funny.

Believe it or not, when you look back to the true classics of the simpsons, the show was actually kind of wholesome. The plots were usually clever too, but now thats all been sacked and they have episodes written by a staff, not a full episode written by one person (which is what they really need). The shows become a parody of its self, the voice acting is devolving and the characters are changing just for the hell of it--not because there is a clever reason. The simpsons is now basically unwatchable trash. Now the only show I watch on Sunday Night is arrested development.

Oh, and that Robot episode sucked.
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