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Why did I vote no? Three reasons:

One, too many civs. Playable or not, that's still info you must store and use, 3-d models that must be made, etc. Unless you own a supercomputer Windu, I can't see how you think that your ideas are gonna work. And I thought having Windu's ten (or eight or whatever) completely unique civs was going to be taxing, but now he adds sub-civs (essentially new civs), as well as a multitude of non-playable ones, thats going overboard. Better solution: going the trandoshan route in SWGB. Give a handful of editor only units and buildings to a certain civ, and they get to play pretend.

Two: Why the bonuses? Is it because RoN did it (not to get ahead of myself, but this is number three)? All this causes is it to be quite hard early on, when you have no bonuses, and veyr easy later when all of the planets have consolidated underneath you. Isnt that counterintuitive for a campaign? I know Windu that you are going to say that it makes it more realistic, that a large government would have a huge advantage over a puny planet in real life, but, guess what, this is a game, and primary objetcive is to have fun, not to be blown out of the water, or mindlessly kill weaklings.

Three: Ummmm.......Can you say blatant ripoff? Come on. The whole idea is that we are trying to be original, because the lack thereof hindered our current game's sales and following, and the only things you suggest is "lets go and make a SW mod for RoN/C&C:G". Its shooting yourself in the foot.

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